Herts Osteopathy is located in the heart of St. Albans, on Chequer Street in the city centre.


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On Demand Pilates Hub

For those wanting to do pilates and body weight training at home ANYTIME, ANYWHERE….

We have our fab PILATES HUB which is a fantastic members only area of the website payable by subscription. You have access to an extensive collection of over 90 pilates classes for beginners, foundations of core strength and balance, a complete postnatal heal and restore programme, and also ‘Pilates for all’, classes for all levels up to advanced including plyometric, dynamic strength, upper body, lower body and core focus classes. Please click the link below for more information about our HERTS OSTEO PILATES HUB.

We have a team of experienced practitioners to provide a holistic approach to your health, and offer a range of services alongside osteopathy, specialist PGP (pelvic girdle pain) treatment and rehab through pregnancy and postnatally, pilates, and biomechanics and gait assessment. Postnatal checks, assessment and treatment.

We have a specialist focus on back pain, pregnancy and postnatal osteopathy, core function and restoration.

We have a range of services available, and pride ourselves on our specialist care which is brought to you by our specialist team.

If you are in need of a pregnancy and postnatal specialist, a postnatal check, or women’s health appointment we have specialist women’s health and pregnancy and postnatal osteopaths with specific appointments to meet your needs.

If you are in need of an osteopath who specialises in biomechanics and sports injuries, and rehab, or massage then we have specialist osteopaths in these areas too.

We have cranial osteopaths specific for paediatrics, from newborns to children, as well as cranial osteopathy for adults.

You may also want a general osteopathic consultation if you have any musculoskeletal pain, perhaps headaches, shoulder, back pain, neck pain or sciatica, then you just need to book for a 1st Osteopathy Appointment, and this will be with a MSK specific osteopath.

We have a range of wonderful and highly experienced, highly regarded osteopaths here to meet your needs, so just pick the correct appointment for you. Any questions, then please just email us: admin@hertsosteopathy.co.uk.

Our Services Include:


Osteopathy is a highly effective and well proven branch of medical practice which involves the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal complaints.

As osteopaths we aim to get to the root cause of the issue rather than just treating symptomatically. By looking at why and how the pain or injury got there in the first place, we are more able to prevent it from coming back.

Sports Injuries and Massage

Our soft tissue therapist will do a full biomechanical assessment and soft tissue massage treatment to help resolve the issues which contribute to/cause pain or prevent full recovery from injuries (or injury reoccurrence).

We will do a full biomechanical assessment, analyse the way you move, and then provide prescriptive exercises and treatment, and specialist advice to get you free from pain, and to prevent injuries in the future.


Pilates works primarily to improve strength, balance and flexibility; and as such is perfect for injury rehabilitation, injury prevention especially back pain, and also for toning and aesthetic purposes.

We specialise in pilates for pre- and post-natal ladies, and offer a highly effective core restore programme for mums to regain core and pelvic floor function with great success following pregnancy and childbirth (it is never too late!).

Specialist PGP, pregnancy and postnatal osteopathy and rehab

We have highly experienced osteopaths who work with you throughout your pregnancy to get you in the best place for birth, and to help get to the crux of Pelvic Girdle Pain.

We also work with women postnatally, working on any pain you may be experiencing, healing from birth, assessing diastasis recti, abdominal and pelvic floor function and speeding up recovery.

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If you are in pain, for example

  • have any pregnancy related issues such as PGP or SPD (pelvic girdle pain);
  • suffering with back pain post pregnancy;
  • have or are recovering from a sports injury, back pain, tennis elbow or hip replacement
  • are interested in injury rehabilitation, strengthening your core for preventative measures….
  • looking at pre and post pregnancy Pilates, restoring abdominal strength post birth, or rehab for biomechanical issues…..

Here at Herts Osteopathy you have a unique package of health care available to you at competitive prices.

Specialism in Pregnancy and Postnatal care

We have tons of experience with pregnancy and postnatally, commonly helping women out of pain throughout all stages of their pregnancies, and beyond….


“Jo used her vast experience and skills to for me of all pain during pregnancy and enable me to have the type of birth I wished for.” Grace, Mum of two. 


“The back pain I had during the pregnancy had been keeping me up at night and she managed to alleviate it.” Mum of two, Hemel Hempstead.


“I suffered badly with SPD…. I felt the benefits of.. treatment within 24 hrs!” Claire, St. Albans


“…I started [coming here for osteopathy] 3 weeks ago after suffering SPD in my second pregnancy. I could hardly walk and was in tears, but she has changed everything around for me. I was dreading birth but now I am excited for it again as I am pain free”. Pregnant mum with second child.

Book treatments and group sessions online. Combination treatments, cranial osteopathy, massage, osteopathy, pilates..


A big warm welcome to you from your team here at Herts Osteopathy.

Jo, Hayley, Rupal, Steve, Maria, Julie, Jasmine and Joanna are here to help.

With tons of experience and knowledge to help every member of your family from newborn to 100!

We love what we do, we love to get people out of pain, sleeping better, enjoying day to day activities as they should, able to meet their sporting goals, or just able to climb the stairs without pain. Whatever your need, we treat every person as an individual, and spend time getting to know you, and the cause(s) of your problem, whatever it is, to get life back on track!!

Come and see us, and start your road to recovery.

Jo Day

Jo Day

Principal Osteopath, women’s health specialist osteopath, pelvic health, pilates & rehabilitation

Hayley Robinson

Hayley Robinson

Senior Associate Osteopath with a PGP *pelvic girdle pain*, Pregnancy and Postnatal specialism. Hayley also has a sports and rehabilitation focus

Rupal Pankhania

Rupal Pankhania

Associate Osteopath, focus on acute and chronic pain and injuries, muscular, joint, pain, headaches and MSK

Steve Bell

Steve Bell

Associate Osteopath, cranial osteopath, paediatrics and Women’s Health. Additional specialisms in visceral osteopathy and kinesiology hormone testing and treatment

Maria Hookway

Maria Hookway

Associate Osteopath, cranial osteopath and paediatrics, specialist in PGP *pelvic girdle pain* pregnancy, and postnatal

Julie Compton

Julie Compton

Associate Osteopath and Soft Tissue Therapist with sports massage and acupuncture

Jasmine Fisher

Jasmine Fisher

Associate Osteopath, Holistic approach to pain, Mummy MOT practitioner

Tom Newfield

Tom Newfield

Associate Osteopath, visceral and cranial osteopath and sports injuries and massage practitioner

Darren Haines

Darren Haines

Acupuncturist working out of Herts Osteopathy every Tuesday and Saturday


“From 28 weeks into my second pregnancy, I suddenly started to suffer from debilitating pelvic girdle pain (PGP). I was signed off work by my doctor and was put on bed rest and told to take paracetamol. I was advised by my doctor and midwife that the pain and mobility would resolve once my baby was born, but this could take up to 6 months (something I now have learnt to be untrue).
I found Jo’s details on the Pelvic Partnership website. From the moment I received an email from Jo (on a Sunday afternoon having only just emailed her that morning) telling me she was going to help me, I immediately felt a huge sense of relief and burst into tears. Jo acted very quickly after I contacted her. She re organised her diary and saw me within a couple of days.
Before seeing Jo, I was bedridden and emotionally drained. I was unable to walk, sleep, climb the stairs and look after my child. Jo has got me back on my feet. She has taken away the pain and brought back mobility into my pelvis and hip. I’m so happy to say that I’m now sleeping, walking, laughing, and most importantly enjoying my pregnancy again.
I love going to see Jo. She is so positive and truly cares about her clients. She is a mum herself and understands the effect that PGP can have on your life, having had suffered from it herself. My husband and I cannot thank Jo enough for what she has done for our family. She has been such a support and a lifeline for us. Nothing has been too much trouble for her.
I will definitely be seeing Jo after my baby is born for post baby treatment. I cannot recommend Jo enough. She is an angel.
All I can say is the doctors and midwives are wrong about PGP. It is very treatable and what we really need is more Jo’s in this world to sort us ladies out! “
Pregnant mum of one

Contacted us through the Pelvic Partnership with severe PGP in pregnancy

5* Jo Day is the most incredible osteopath. She has a special gift of being highly professional, highly skilled, highly personable and so very passionate and excited about making people better. I literally tell everyone with muscularskeletal problems (and especially pregnant women with sciatica and SPD) to see Jo and her team as I know how safe they are in her hands. I’ve lost times how many people have told me that she’s saved their life. Highly recommended!


Women's Health Therapist, St. Albans, Copied from Google Reviews

As a GP, to suffer from persistent  lower back pain and stiffness provided a valuable but inconvenient insight into what many of my patients go through. Physiotherapy had always helped, but it was only when I saw Jo on the recommendation of a friend that I really understood what was going wrong and how with her help and support we could put things right, and most importantly how  I could stay fit.

She combines knowledge, skill, enthusiasm and a wicked sense of humour all of which combine to achieve great results, that I know has been replicated for other patients. The other great string to Jo’s bow is pilates tuition which complements her osteopathy and is built around the principles of strengthening core muscles as well as being great fun! I have no hesitation in recommending her.
Also have some work done on my lower back as and when needed and find Jo an amazing practitioner who gets the best results in the hour I am there.

I  was a complete mess I had been in chronic back pain for over a year. I had had 3 steroid injections, endless physio and nothing had worked. I saw Jo as a last resort after reading comments on St Albans mums page, I was due to have denervation surgery the same week. I never had the surgery. She sorted me out from my funny feet to my pelvis which was out, all the way up my back to my neck and finally head. She has treated the whole of me opposed to just one vertebrae. She has actually cured me and I am now pain free. I cannot say how grateful I am- by treating my physiological problems both my emotional and mental well-being have also improved significantly.

Mrs Li

Copied from our Facebook Page

In the time I have been seeing the team my pain levels have reduced hugely and I have increased movement. I started coming to the clinic following a car accident many years ago. The team are professional, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. They explain things clearly and concisely so you feel informed. It’s worth every penny to be in less pain and I am really grateful to the team. I would highly recommend to anyone!


An amazing clinic, my husband could hardly stand up straight or sit down when he went in, he walked out upright, and this was after Jo managed to sort out my lock jaw which all my doctor could recommend was to not eat crusty rolls or apples lol! I highly recommend Jo and her team.


Well rounded, highly experienced osteopath and pilates coach with tons of charisma. Whilst pregnant I developed severe SPD and girdle pain to the extent where I could hardly walk, get in and out of bed and cars, and suffered daily to do any range of movement.

Jo used her vast experience and skills to rid me of all pain during pregnancy and enable me to have the type of birth I wished for. Jo’s knowledge and recommendations gave me thorough understanding of my postpartum situation and provided me with the right tools and knowledge to become fit and seek further help when needed. Well spirited, knowledgeable, with excellent links in the community I felt that Jo’s healing hands were almost miraculous. Since the birth of my baby I had a major operation and thanks to Pilates with Jo, I feel totally rehabilitated, invigorated and ready to take on all the challenges that a new mum of two has daily.

Try Jo Day for both osteopathy and pilates and you will benefit enormously. I highly recommend Jo’s and Herts Osteopathy services.


Mum of two, Taken from our Facebook page

Absolutely love 1-1 Pilates with Jo, the focus on getting perfection is brilliant, you are pushed to the limits but feel fantastic at the end, I walk out so perfectly afterwards.
Also have some work done on my lower back as and when needed and find Jo an amazing practitioner who gets the best results in the hour I am there.

I was recommended to Herts Osteopathy by a friend who was very pleased with the treatment she recieved there. I have suffered from various musculoskeletal problems for many years. They include fibromyalgia, bursitis and tendonitis. On my first visit Jo took a very detailed account of my history of symptoms and treatment that I had recieved over the years.I then had a thorough physical examination and then Jo gave me a treatment and before I left Jo worked out an exercise plan for me to do daily in order to assist my progress. Since then I continued to see Jo until she took maternity leave and I steadily progressed and my pain decreased considerably. I then started to see Rebecca at the clinic and immediately felt confident that I was in safe hands with her. She, like Jo , has been very encouraging and positive about my progress which has helped to make me feel more in control. It’s easy to feel disheartened when you have had long term painful conditions but since coming to the clinic and recieving such excellent treatment and advice I now have much less pain and feel a lot more confident in my ability to help myself than I did before.


Very impressed.

Hayley is friendly but v professional, and has improved my back no end 🙂


From our Facebook page

Book treatments and group sessions online. Combination treatments, cranial osteopathy, massage, osteopathy, pilates….