We treat ladies at every stage of their pregnancy with lots of wonderful success stories.

“During our first session Jo identified the root cause of the problem…. something no other physio or osteo had done….. I felt the benefits of her treatment within 24 hrs! I continued to see Jo throughout my third trimester and was genuinely amazed and so grateful to make it to labour mobile and practically pain free.”
“Whilst pregnant I developed severe SPD and girdle pain to the extent I could hardly walk… Jo used her vast experience and skills to rid me of all pain during pregnancy and enable me to have the type of birth I wished for.”

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Osteopathy in pregnancy looks at addressing the cause of the pain. Of course hormones have an influence, but a lot of the pain experienced is mechanical in nature. Often old injuries come to the fore during pregnancy; where we have been compensating for an old injury or a postural/biomechanical issue, we are on a very line of homeostasis (balance through our bodies). So pregnancy can be the “straw that broke the camel’s back”, and old issues have a high prevalence of reoccurrence when our regular compensatory mechanisms break down.

We look globally at how the body is moving and adapting to the pregnancy, then look more locally at the tissues causing pain. Often this is myofascial (muscles and soft tissue/ligaments/tendons/fascia), so some gentle release of these tissues to reduce inflammation and tension, as well as realigning the pelvis, and aiding the body to find a more neutral and comfortable way of moving and carrying baby works a treat.

We give advice on postural changes, sleeping position, work set up, footwear, exercises, breathing mechanics and stretches to enable you to continue without pain after treatment. All in all a holistic approach to bringing you out of pain so you can enjoy your pregnancy, and hopefully more chance of the birth you want!

Headaches are also common during pregnancy, again these tend to be more mechanical in nature due to the changes in upper body posture as pregnancy continues. Osteopathy can treat these mechanical issues so you can get rid of headaches without any need for medication.

Here is a fab table illustrating some of the proven benefits of osteopathic treatment during pregnancy:


Osteopathy has been proven to have many benefits during pregnancy, as well as improved quality of life and levels of pain, there is also research to support that it can reduce time in labour by almost half, reduce chances of intervention, and also reduce risk of meconium in the waters.

This article can be accessed here in full:  Osteopathic manipulative treatment in pregnant women


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