Osteopathy and urinary issues

by | May 25, 2018 | Antenatal and Postnatal

Osteopathy and urinary issues

Many women ask me about whether osteopathy can help with urinary issues. Interestingly this article reflects what I have seen in practice:

Osteopathy for urinary tract symptoms

“The quantitative analysis shows a statistically significant and clinically relevant improvement when the osteopathic intervention was compared to an untreated group. ”


I have foundΒ promising responses to osteopathy in women who have told me, usually in passing, that they have an increased urgency to go to the toilet, that they have had issues with leaking, irritable bladder, not able to empty a full bladder, and many more urinary symptoms besides. This often arises during pregnancy, postnatally or during the menopause, and often progressively worsens.


The nerves that supply the bladder primarily originate from the sacrum, the triangular bone right at the base of the spine, and so often there can be neurological issues related to the bladder and the muscle that controls it (the detrusor muscle). But also there can be mechanical reasons as to why there are issues. The pelvis may be misaligned, twisted, loading weight incorrectly, the lumbar spine may be compressed or restricted, the muscles and soft tissue around the pelvis could have been affected, and thereby preventing the viscera including the bladder, uterus and lower bowels, from being where they should be, with the freedom of motility that they need in order to function optimally.


Often there are pelvic floor issues associated with this, which the article also touches upon. Therefore a full appointment with us would assess the ability of the pelvic floor muscles to contract and work properly, along with the deep “core” abdominal muscles. Often if the pelvis is not mechanically functioning as it should, this can put different strains and stresses on the pelvic floor muscles, meaning we are not able to use them effectively. Bringing back the function and capabilities of the mechanics of the pelvis and associated soft tissue and muscles, can then allow the pelvic floor muscles to work properly.

At whatever stage in life, we can usually have a beneficial impact on bladder and pelvic floor health. One of my patients went from having to go to the toilet every hour day and night, to being able to sleep through the night without having to urinate more than once, this was in one session, so there are lots of ways we can try to help.


Increased urination, leaking, and inability to fully empty a bladder are not “normal” issues, and do need addressing. If we feel we cannot help, then we will always refer you to where we feel is needed.


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