It’s all about the big toe!!

It’s all about the big toe!!

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This episode is all about the importance of the big toe (the Hallux) to whole body mechanics, and injury, and quite often can be the key to solving tons of issues.

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: The Mighty Hallux!

Picture below taken from @melissapowex_health where we worked on gait retraining to help Big Toe and overall lower extremity function and strength.

When is a calorie not a calorie…..

When is a calorie not a calorie…..

When is a calorie not a calorie….??

So there’s a huge load of info out there on calories and the obesity epidemic. More recently the research has been looking at how obesity might actually be an infectious disease rather than a lifestyle based disease.

For years we have had the base idea that our weight is solely a product of calories in vs calories out. But we now have so much more understanding that this is not truly the case, and there are far greater mechanisms at play, pretty much all of which reside in our beautiful and super intelligent guts!

It’s all about the microbiota!!

So, we each have our own bacteria which live in different areas of our gut for very different reasons. We cannot survive without these amazing little beings. So worth reading “10% human”, it will give you the most wonderful insight into all things microbiota and guts. And we are only 10% human, everything else is bacteria living on us and in us!

The diversity of our microbiome is significant in all things immunity which we have known for years, but even more interestingly it plays a massive role in our metabolism.

So, when is a calorie not a calorie???

Basically, always!!!

When we look into calories in food this is done on the assumption that fat gives us 9kcals per gram, and both protein and carbohydrates give us 4kcals per gram. But what researcher are finding increasingly is that how many calories we extract from that is very different and very individual, and may be completely determined by our bacteria.

The findings which started in mice, found that specific bacteria were more increasingly found in mice that were “obese”, and other bacteria found in more lean mice. The difference in the amount of calories taken in can be up to 2% which is HUGE over a month….year…lifetime…

So one person could take in 2% less calories per day than another, when both consuming the EXACT SAME AMOUNT of food. They soon realised that the calories written on packs of food were just a guide and that the differences were thought to be specifically determined by our guts and bacteria make up.

We all know that for the best microbiome we need DIVERSITY in our foods. Plant based, beautiful colours… All known to be what our body really wants to be consuming. Now we know this is true for metabolical health too!

Eat more donuts, your body then learns to extract more calories from donuts….

Yes it’s true!!!!!!

So the more of a certain food we eat, our body learns to adapt its bacteria accordingly, and therefore a donut/biscuit /chocolate every day… Your body alters the gut bacteria to be able to get every single iota of fat and calories out of that food, the Bacteria adapts accordingly. So people who regularly eat biscuits have been found to take on way more calories from eating those biscuits than someone who rarely eats biscuits.

So if you mostly don’t eat sweets, chocolate, cakes, then your body doesn’t have the bacteria to absorb all of the calories. Therefore a rare biscuit or donut, you probably will not take on all of the calories of this and they will end up in your stools.

So an occasional donut will barely touch the sides in terms of calorific consumption in someone who day to day eats well, but regular consumption, means you will reap the calories and likely store as fat in the process.

So we can change how we chemically and metabolically deal with food by feeding our body with the fab stuff, colours, raw, plant based where possible, and then your gut will love you for it. Improve the diversity of your microbiome and help improve your metabolic health alongside everything else!!



Citings :

10% Human by Allana Collen



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Why you should all give yoga a go!!! Written by Lucy Hurley, Yoga specialist and massage therapist at Herts Osteopathy

Why you should all give yoga a go!!! Written by Lucy Hurley, Yoga specialist and massage therapist at Herts Osteopathy

“Why I love yoga…..
Yoga is an ancient practise, originally only meant to be for wealthy men in India, to prepare themselves for hours of being sat down meditating. Thankfully, nowadays, yoga is for EVERYONE!

And you are not expected to sit down for prolonged periods of time!

Unfortunately, a lot of jobs nowadays involve being sat down at desks for long hours, which is not good for your lower back, hamstrings and core, circulation and mental health. Any form of movement and exercise is great, but yoga is a very holistic approach to movement, mind, body and spirit.

Some people are put off yoga because of the “spiritual” side of it, but in all honesty, yoga is as spiritual as you make it. “Om-ing” and incense burning are not required.

The key benefits of yoga, amongst many many more are: it improves mobility and flexibility, improves strength, core strength and balance, alleviates stiff backs and joints. It also has a profound effect on our mental health and wellbeing. There are huge mind-body benefits which are often different to other forms of exercise. It improves concentration, helps improve mental health and well-being, calms the mind and body, alleviates stress and helps with respiratory conditions such as asthma and those who suffer from panic attacks. The list goes on and on.

Yoga truly is for everyone and hey, don’t knock it ’til you try it!”

Written by Lucy Hurley

Lucy teaches yoga classes here focusing on back pain prevention and rehab. She also works one to one with individuals for specific issues and this is tailor made and prescriptive to the individual’ s needs. She can also provide combination appointments using massage and yoga for a more holistic approach to your health when required. Whatever your needs, whether you are recovering from surgery, have a long standing issue or pain, have a sedentary lifestyle and want to learn ways to keep mobile and strong for long term health and pain prevention, or you are a complete beginner and want to understand how yoga can benefit you; Lucy can help.

Pop online and book your appointment.

This is available through online bookings on our website or Facebook page

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Available to book now: Our lovely new pilates teacher, Joanna.

Available to book now: Our lovely new pilates teacher, Joanna.

We are very happy to welcome to the Herts Osteopathy team, Joanna Michaelides.

Joanna is starting one to one and small group private pilates, available to book online now! She is also teaching a variety of new pilates classes for the AUTUMN TERM 2019 which are filling up fast:

Fridays at 9.30am: Ladies Pilates
Fridays at midday: Seniors Pilates – strength, stretch and suppleness. Males and females of all abilities.
Pilates for length and strength, males and females on Tuesday evenings at 8pm from September.

These classes are all available to book online as a term booking. Head to the website and go to our online bookings >> Class bookings. Then head to September to find the start date of the course. By booking the start date, you book the entire course. All of the information is available online.

Joanna is also running some specialist pilates workshops in August. These are each available online to be booked separately. You can book as many as you like, or all four!!

Specialist pilates workshops running throughout August:

Tuesdays at 8pm:

6th August: Lengthen and StrengthenΒ Primary focus being spinal elongation and core control

13th August: Standing strength Primary focus being lower body strength, balance and pelvic stability.

20th August: Define your coreΒ Primary focus being abdominals, obliques (waist) and core control

27th August: Posture and upper body focus Primary focus on posture and upper body strength


All about Joanna

Joanna began practising Pilates with Jo Day & Herts Osteopathy 8 years ago. Loving how Pilates made her body feel, she left a desk job behind and decided to make teaching Pilates her new career.

Joanna received her mat training from Polestar Pilates, the gold standard in Pilates teacher training, which has equipped her with the practical skills needed to become a Pilates teacher of the highest calibre.

Knowing how much Pilates can improve the mind, body and soul of those who do it, Joanna wants to share her passion for the discipline with others. Joanna’s classes focus on developing good technique and strengthening the body from the inside out.

Available through online bookings on our website. Individual and group classes available.

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