Why you should all give yoga a go!!! Written by Lucy Hurley, Yoga specialist and massage therapist at Herts Osteopathy

Why you should all give yoga a go!!! Written by Lucy Hurley, Yoga specialist and massage therapist at Herts Osteopathy

“Why I love yoga…..
Yoga is an ancient practise, originally only meant to be for wealthy men in India, to prepare themselves for hours of being sat down meditating. Thankfully, nowadays, yoga is for EVERYONE!

And you are not expected to sit down for prolonged periods of time!

Unfortunately, a lot of jobs nowadays involve being sat down at desks for long hours, which is not good for your lower back, hamstrings and core, circulation and mental health. Any form of movement and exercise is great, but yoga is a very holistic approach to movement, mind, body and spirit.

Some people are put off yoga because of the “spiritual” side of it, but in all honesty, yoga is as spiritual as you make it. “Om-ing” and incense burning are not required.

The key benefits of yoga, amongst many many more are: it improves mobility and flexibility, improves strength, core strength and balance, alleviates stiff backs and joints. It also has a profound effect on our mental health and wellbeing. There are huge mind-body benefits which are often different to other forms of exercise. It improves concentration, helps improve mental health and well-being, calms the mind and body, alleviates stress and helps with respiratory conditions such as asthma and those who suffer from panic attacks. The list goes on and on.

Yoga truly is for everyone and hey, don’t knock it ’til you try it!”

Written by Lucy Hurley

Lucy teaches yoga classes here focusing on back pain prevention and rehab. She also works one to one with individuals for specific issues and this is tailor made and prescriptive to the individual’ s needs. She can also provide combination appointments using massage and yoga for a more holistic approach to your health when required. Whatever your needs, whether you are recovering from surgery, have a long standing issue or pain, have a sedentary lifestyle and want to learn ways to keep mobile and strong for long term health and pain prevention, or you are a complete beginner and want to understand how yoga can benefit you; Lucy can help.

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