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Pilates On Demand…. Anytime, Anywhere…

Here at Herts Osteopathy we have set up an online, on-demand pilates membership so that you can still benefit from the amazing qualities of pilates classes from the comfort of your own home.

You can access a collection of over 90 different classes at ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

Perfect for busy parents, those of you working long hours, if you live miles away from your nearest pilates class, or you just fancy being able to access tons of quality, fun and effective pilates classes at your fingertips.

Whether it is a ten minute blast to do whilst the kids are doing their homework, a stretch class to do once you’ve come back from a run, or a longer pilates class to do at your leisure on a Saturday morning…the choice is yours.

We also have classes for pregnancy, postnatal, beginners (all beginners classes also have options for pregnancy), strength and plyo/hiit based pilates workouts, and much more. Lots of fun classes and variety to keep you motivated.


A fun and empowering form of exercise to improve muscle strength, tone and flexibility while improving your overall health

Improves posture - particularly good if you're staying home or working from home!

Brilliant for stress relief and relaxation

Improves concentration and body awareness, keeping you centred in challenging times

Restore and heal optimally postnatally, improving healing of diastasis recti and pelvic floor

Back pain prevention and long term reduction in symptoms and pain

Perfect for any age and any ability

What members are saying…

That was fantastic. Loved it – I’m very out of practice, but it was so good. You’ve done a brilliant job and it’s like being at one of your classes.

Brilliant start to my day. Thank you, just want you to know your hard work is a huge benefit to me and many others and gives me a daily purpose.

Just finished the upper body workout and the tough 30 min core, it was amazing…….Great class, you’re a natural at the online stuff, so motivating.

Your classes…were great. Like you were in the room.

I just did the lower body circuit. I love these ones! Very hot and sweaty now…..

Challenging but excellent!

Included in your membership:

Pilates for all

-including strength and dynamic strength

-in all classes there are options for beginners through to advanced for every exercise (unless stated otherwise).

-best to move onto this section of classes after you have completed the beginners first lessons, and are able to understand when and how to activate the correct muscles

-classes range from short blasts focusing on different areas of the body, to longer total body classes

Pilates for beginners

-building your foundations…. from your first lesson on how to breathe correctly and how to find and activate your core muscles, to longer classes building up from day 1.

-pregnancy options given throughout in all beginners classes. Plus additional specific pregnancy classes included here also.

-please START here, and build up through the first lessons and classes; then you can move onto the Pilates For All section where there are beginners options given throughout.

Postnatal Heal and Restore

-specialist programme to get started with pilates and core restore after birth (or months/years later if appropriate). You can then move on to the beginners section.

-if you would like an assessment to check where you are postnatally in terms of healing, diastasis recti and pelvic mechanics please book in to see one of our osteopaths for a thorough postnatal check and treatment.

Stretch and Mobilise

-stretch and mobilise pilates classes included in this area for all levels and ages, pregnancy and postnatal.

-extra videos and resources also included in this area


Access to the library of over 90 videos throughout the entire time of your subscription


Range of classes to suit your needs, from complete beginners to advanced


Pregnancy options given throughout the beginners classes


Library of stretches, stretch and mobilisation videos and other fun informative videos


Specialist postnatal heal and restore programme

MummaSTRONG Heal and Restore


All classes ran by Jo Day who has been teaching fitness and pilates for 20 years

Qualified NASM personal trainer, pilates and fitness teacher, Women’s health, pre and postnatal specialist and online educator.
BSc hons degree in Sport and Exercise Science, Masters degree in Osteopathy.

A small glimpse, a snapshot of some the classes here….


£75 for the first three months

Then £30 per month rolling contract


£125 every 12 months

Save £220 (compared to monthly)

Please email us at admin@hertsosteopathy.co.uk if you have any questions.