Available to book now: Our lovely new pilates teacher, Joanna.

by | May 22, 2019 | Pilates

We are very happy to welcome to the Herts Osteopathy team, Joanna Michaelides.

Joanna is starting one to one and small group private pilates, available to book online now!

Group classes, now on ZOOM.

Pilates for LENGTH and STRENGTH, beginners and mixed ability, males and females on Tuesday evenings at 8pm.

These classes are all available to book online as a term booking. Head to the website https://hertsosteopathy.co.uk and go to our online bookings >> Class bookings. Or email Yvette on admin@hertsosteopathy.co.uk to book your place.

All about Joanna

Joanna began practising Pilates with Jo Day & Herts Osteopathy 10 years ago. Loving how Pilates made her body feel, she left a desk job behind and decided to make teaching Pilates her new career.
Joanna received her mat training from Polestar Pilates, the gold standard in Pilates teacher training, which has equipped her with the practical skills needed to become a Pilates teacher of the highest calibre.
Knowing how much Pilates can improve the mind, body and soul of those who do it, Joanna wants to share her passion for the discipline with others. Joanna’s classes focus on developing good technique and strengthening the body from the inside out.

Joanna has spent a lot of time working with peri and post menopause, and how pilates can be really beneficial at this time. She has lots of experience of working with women of all ages, but loves the mixed ability classes that she teaches too, of men and women alike.

Available through online bookings on our website. Individual and group classes available.

Go to https://hertsosteopathy.co.uk

Email us for further information or any questions admin@hertsosteopathy.co.uk