We work with women postnatally, providing care as early as a few days postnatally in some cases, working on any pain you may be experiencing, healing from birth, assessing diastasis recti, abdominal and pelvic floor function and speeding up recovery. This works so well for women who have had previous pelvic issues, or for those who had a long or traumatic birth, C-Section, episiotomy, or any woman who would like to have a thorough check and treatment to help re-balance after birth, whether in pain or not, it can help with your recovery. 

“I’ve been seeing Jo regularly for a while now since being pregnant with my second child and can honestly say that she is AMAZING! The back pain I had during the pregnancy had been keeping me awake at night and she managed to alleviate it so I could enjoy my pregnancy again. She managed to make my hips feel comfortable and eased all the discomfort in my pelvis without causing any distress to me or the baby. I cannot recommend her enough.

I had my son 8 weeks ago via c section and started seeing her again after 3 weeks to make sure the scar area was healing properly and my muscles were fusing back together.

I am now having one to one pilates classes with her and can already feel a difference to my core. Thank you Jo!”

Mrs Smith via our Facebook page


Heal and Restore programme

mummaSTRONG is a specialist postnatal heal and restore programme that is part of our Online Pilates Hub.

Herts Osteo Pilates Hub includes classes suitable from pregnancy through to postnatal and beyond. Benefit from the amazing qualities of pilates from the comfort of your own home!

“It was recommended that I try Pilates when experiencing back problems after having my two children, I met Jo & haven’t looked back! My weekly sessions with Jo have improved my posture and I consider much more how I lift, sit & stand. I am so much happier with my level of fitness & body tone.”

A unique glance into two postnatal classes to help you get started on breathing and core activation postnatally.

Lesson 1: Short tutorial on postnatal breathing techniques for optimal recovery. To help pelvic floor and abdominal healing, and encourage rib and diaphragm mobility. This is really important postnatally, and can be done from day 1.

Lesson 2: A short tutorial on how to activate your core muscles, after you have mastered the breathing techniques from lesson 1. This can be done very early postnatally and also through pregnancy too!

More of the postnatal programme available through our pilates on demand membership subscription, head to the Pilates on Demand section of the website. We also offer 121s in the clinic or online via video appointments to help restore and heal after birth. To help assess your core, pelvic muscles, diastasis recti, and rehabilitation too.

Hope you enjoy the classes!

Postnatal Appointments


We are excited to offer an online pilates membership subscription.


Members have access to a private members area of the website with a huge variety of pilates classes all available on demand.

You will have access to 4 different areas:



This focuses on building the foundations: from understanding how to breathe, to using your abdominal muscles correctly, stabilising your pelvis, understanding how to activate the correct muscles in a variety of positions and then building up to classes. Instructional videos include learning how to do a press up and how to do a squat!

Pilates for All:

Classes of a variety of lengths, from ten minute blasts to longer 30 and 40 minute classes. Options for all levels, from beginners to advanced, strength to dynamic strength, and everything in between.

Specialist postnatal programme:

Restoration and healing after birth and understanding how to get back to exercise correctly, effectively and safely.

Stretch and release classes and extra resources:

Spinal mobilisation, stretching, foam rolling and much more.


Currently over 55 classes in the member area! New classes/videos are added every week, and you have access to all of the videos and classes as they accumulate throughout the length of your membership.


Also included, access to a private pilates Facebook Group. Regular Facebook live videos, chat and support when needed, and further resources on here too. Also, the back catalogue of all of the previous Facebook Live classes.





1st appointment postnatal assessment and treatment: 55 minutes [Initial appointment for all those who have given birth in the last 9 months] This appointment is also perfect for anyone who is 1-2 years postnatal or longer if you feel your issues are still related to pregnancy and birth. You can come anytime postnatally and do not have to wait for your 6 week GP check. £100

Extended postnatal follow up: You can also book in a postnatal assessment and treatment appointment as an extended follow up appointment too. So if you would like a longer appointment for your first postnatal appointment back with us (for previous and existing patients), then please book in this longer postnatal appointment 45 minutes (£80). Otherwise just a regular standard follow up appointment is fine if you have been to us before recently, and through your pregnancy, and you would prefer this.


Follow up appointments for all

If you have been to us before then please book a standard follow up osteopathy appointment, even if you are now pregnant or postnatal, as long as you have seen us recently.  If you would prefer a longer postnatal appointment, then please book in the 45 minute postnatal appointment above.

30 minutes, £55.


Initial appointments with Jo Day.

Jo specialises in treating women through pregnancy, postnatal, and beyond. 

1st Postnatal assessment and treatment £100 55 minutes


Mum and Baby Clinic with IANA or STEVE

Unique opportunity for Mum and Baby to be seen together in the same appointment for a postnatal assessment and treatment for Mum and a cranial osteopathy appointment for baby. £95 (1 hour) – this appointment can be booked for patients brand new to our clinic, or for those who have been before.

During Covid-19 we are not currently running this appointment.


Call 01727 400425 to book or click here to book online.



One to one pilates with Jo Day, 30 minutes, £55. 

Jo specifically works with core restoration, focusing on how to reduce abdominal distension, correct breathing mechanics, pelvic floor and core health and healing postnatally. If you are worried about a diastasis recti which is not healing properly then please get in touch and book an appointment. If you have not already had one, we ask that you book in for a 55 minute postnatal assessment and treatment with Jo first, as then she can do a full history, assessment and treatment. This will address any of the issues which may be causing the mechanical dysfunction first. This is bookable in the osteopathy section.

Our pilates teacher Joanna also offers postnatal pilates. One to one (or two to one) private pilates with Joanna Michaelides £55 for one hour, prescriptive to individual needs.

Please call email if you would like an appointment with Joanna Michaelides and we will organise a time to suit you.

These pilates sessions are specifically tailored to the postnatal period. This can be up to 2 years postnatal or longer if you feel that you still have postnatal issues to address.

Group pilates classes currently not running due to covid. You can book our online pilates membership instead. When we return to classes, the cost will depend on size of group but will usually be £15-£16 per person.

These are not currently running. But please head to to have a look at the online classes and pilates membership we are currently running.

Call 01727 400425 to book or click here to book online.

Postnatal Massage

55 minute postnatal massage appointment with our soft tissue practitioner and qualified osteopath, Claire. This appointment is £65. You can make this appointment from 6 weeks postnatal.

This can be prescriptive to individual aches and pains that you are experiencing, or it can be more of a relaxing and restorative massage. It is completely up to you!

If you have not been to Herts Osteopathy before then you will also have a full medical history and assessment taken at this appointment, so the massage element will be slightly shorter only for the first time. If you have been to see us before for osteopathy or for massage then the treatment element of this appointment will be longer.

Please bring additional towels and pillows for this appointment. Once booked you will receive all of the information required in your email. This includes all of the current requirements for covid, and a form to fill in before your appointment.

Call 01727 400425 to book or click here to book online.



Combination appointments

All of these are available options after you have had an initial osteopathy appointment with any of our osteopaths.

We also offer combination appointments for a full holistic approach to your health. These are not currently running during covid-19.


OSTEOPATHY/PILATES COMBO Pregnancy/Postnatal focus

With Jo or Hayley you can have a 55 minute combination appointment to include osteopathy and pilates/core restore programmes for pregnancy, and postnatal issues including diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, lower abdominal pouching and more. (5 minutes £100)


With Iana and Steve  you can have one hour and fifteen minutes for a complete mother and baby appointment. This includes full postnatal assessment and treatment for mum, and a cranial osteopathy appointment for baby. (1 hour £100). This can be found in the Pre and Postnatal section of online bookings.

Call 01727 400425 to book or click here to book online.

ONLINE appointments (available through video consultations)

We are currently offering a variety of appointments through our video appointments system.

45-50 minute appointments all £65.

*ONLINE Postnatal osteopathy appointment NEW or EXISTING patients


25-30 minute follow up appointments all £50 for anyone who has been to see us before
Please book this appointment for all regular osteopathy, rehab, injuries, pregnancy and postnatal:

*ONLINE Osteopathy appointment 25 minutes existing patients

All thirty minute pilates sessions online with Jo Day are £50
Available appointments:

*121 ONLINE Postnatal or Pregnancy Pilates and Personal Training with Jo Day 30 minutes



The easiest way to book is to use our online bookings system. Please click here to book online.

If you cannot find the appointment time that you would like, or need an urgent appointment then please email

Our reception is also available during regular office hours: 01727 400425.