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Osteopathy is a highly effective and well proven branch of medical practice which involves the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal complaints.

The philosophy of Osteopathy is what sets it apart from other medical disciplines. The key principles are based on all parts of the body functioning together in an integrated manner. If one part of the body is restricted, then the rest of the body must adapt and compensate for this, eventually leading to inflammation, pain, stiffness and other health conditions. When the body is free of restrictions and forces are balanced, the chance of pain is reduced.

Osteopathic treatment assists the body with pain minimisation, reduced stress and greater mobility providing the body with the opportunity to heal itself.

Osteopaths use a broad range of gentle hands-on techniques including soft tissue stretching, deep tactile pressure, and mobilisation or manipulation of joints.

Within your osteopathic treatment, as well as traditional manual treatment techniques, we use medical acupuncture and kinesiology taping, both proven in their pain relief properties. They provide a perfect adjunct to treatment to help the healing process, and to get back to sport and exercise, and daily activities, more efficiently.

Osteopathy is a five-year university course, which includes a degree and masters qualification. Osteopaths believe in working as part of a health system of health providers and often refer back to the G.P. or another allied health professional where appropriate. In many cases, Osteopaths can complement the advice given by GPs.

As an Osteopath I work with you as an individual: taking your job, environment, sports and exercise participation and stress levels into consideration to help bring about the greatest and speediest improvement to suit you and your needs.

Having suffered with a back problem and having used a physiotherapist previously, I was recommended to try an Osteopath. Jo came highly recommended and did not disappoint. She is clearly very knowledgeable and identified the problem. Her treatment was excellent, she explained what she was doing and how it would affect my back and provided suitable exercises to complement this treatment.

Osteopathy can help with...
  • “Sciatica”
  • Back and pelvis pain resulting from pregnancy/labour
  • Other pregnancy related aches and pains for example headaches, SPD, pelvic girdle pain, upper back ache.
  • Postnatal back or pelvis pain
  • Headaches and migraine
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Hip, buttock or groin pain
  • Tennis elbow
  • Knee pain
  • Foot pain/ankle injuries

Cranial Osteopathy

Maria and Steve and Julie are our highly trained experienced cranial osteopaths. Julie and Stee are OCC trained (Osteopathic Centre for children), and Maria is ESO trained (European school of osteopathy). They are highly experienced with babies, children and adults. Cranial osteopathy has been used for years to help with numerous issues in babies. Often parents will bring babies who have trouble latching on, tummy discomfort, sleep difficulties and they may also seek cranial osteopathy if their baby is excessively crying or has been told they may have colic. Babies who have had a longer birth where intervention has been involved, or those who have been born via a C-Section may have altered compressive forces through the cranium, and often use cranial osteopathy for this.

You can book in for a cranial osteopathy appointment at all ages, from birth, through teething, bumps on the head as a toddler, or issues through childhood, all the way through to teens and adulthood if you would prefer a different approach to treatment. In adulthood this may be headaches, ear, nose and throat issues, post surgery, autoimmune and systemic issues, stress and anxiety, and similar. You can have cranial osteopathy as part of a regular osteopathy appointment with Maria and Steve and Julie, so they can both use a combination of structural, visceral and cranial osteopathy depending on your needs. Or for babies and children you can book in directly for a cranial appointment. Please book an initial appointment first.

I had my last session with Steve today with my 8 week old Amelie.

We have had 3 sessions in total and the difference it’s made is amazing.

At the time of our first session Amelie was screaming most of the day and wouldn’t be put down in a cot at night so me and my husband were taking it in turns to hold her overnight.

Within 2 days of the first session she was sleeping in her moses basket overnight and was much more content when awake in the day.

Fast forward to our third session and she’s much more content and smily and in our last appointment today she stayed asleep. 

Mum of 8 week old baby

Cranial Osteopathy

Pregnancy Osteopathy and pelvic pain

We offer specialist appointments for those of you who are pregnant, and you can come at any time of your pregnancy.

We have a specialism in helping treat PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain), which can be a common issue with many women through their pregnancy.

This can be a completely debilitating condition, but can be treated. We have wonderful osteopaths here who can help with this condition: Jo, Hayley, Steve and Maria, and Jo is also recognised by the Pelvic Partnership as a specialist PGP practitioner.

There are often many reasons why women get PGP, but often it has built up over previous pregnancies and births, with left over scar tissue, pelvic floor isssues, and birth trauma which may well have impacted how your body adapts to this pregnancy. There can often be compensation for old injuries, which our body can cope with, but then during pregnancy it is unable to compensate for old injuries as well as change position as the bump increases.

We have also found that pain during pregnancy can often indicate that baby can’t quite get into the right position, and so we also work with many women with BIRTH PREP, so we are able to help get women’s bodies, and their growing uterus, in a nice balanced place and position. This very often means a much smoother and easier labour.

Some women come to us in pregnancy just to help with birth prep, and without any pain, and this is also a fantastic thing to do.

We have a specialist pregnancy area of the website with videos and blogs too, and a PGP helpsheet.

Postnatal Osteopathy Assessment and Treatment

We offer a specialised service for postnatal ladies who have had their baby anytime from 1 day ago, to 24 months (or beyond if you feel that your issues arise from pregnancy).

Bodies have to go through an incredible change in mechanics during pregnancy and then sometimes the labour process is not as “easy” as it should be.

Then postnatally women are dealing with the effects of birth, sleep deprivation, lots of carrying, bending, lifting (buggies, car seats, children….), as well as dealing with feeding positions and getting used to doing things completely differently. Healing from scar tissue, pelvic floor and caesarian section scars, birth trauma, bladder and bowel issues, and incontinence. Also women can suffer badly with coccyx and pelvic pain postnatally too, this is in fact very common, but not normal, and can be very easy to address.

All of this can hinder our healing mechanism. This is why we offer a comprehensive postnatal osteopathy appointment which includes a full assessment and treatment.


This usually includes but is not limited to:

  • full assessment of your abdominal muscles: If you have a separation down your midline (Diastasis Recti [DR]), whether you are able to activate your deep abdominal muscles correctly to aid healing.
  • Breathing mechanics, and impact on healing of your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles, and restrictions in ribs and diaphragm.
  • Advice on correct activation of pelvic floor muscles, and release of these muscles too may well be needed.
  • Pelvic mechanics, spinal mechanics and usual osteopathic assessment of how your whole body moves to prevent pain, or address any issues you may have with pain or headaches.
  • Feeding position, sleeping position…
  • Advice on better ways to move and go about day to day activities.
  • Assessment of csection scar if applicable and treatment of this.
  • Full osteopathic hands on treatment.

This is a lovely way to get your body back into alignment ready to allow healing to be most effective, and prevent any pain moving forwards. Also a good excuse to get a bit of time on your own!!

This can be booked online through the website, and is provided by Jo and Hayley, Steve and Maria.

I have seen Jo so far for only two sessions of Osteopathy and can honestly say my sore back and pelvis have almost completely gone.  From quite early in my current pregnancy my lower back and pelvis area were incredibly painful when moving from one position to another.  I was suffering from shooting pains and longer dull aches most days and it was becoming more difficult to look after my active Toddler.  Jo’s professional and confident manner put me at ease instantly during our first session and there was an immediate improvement after that session, the second session was just to straighten out any further issues which it seems to have done. I would not hesitate to recommend Jo and her expertise and I will be a patient again in the future for any further issues.


32, Pregnant


Sports Injuries and Massage

Our soft tissue therapist can do a thorough biomechanical assessment helps to resolve the issues which contribute to/cause pain or prevent full recovery from injuries (or injury re-occurrence).

We will do a full biomechanical assessment, analyse the way you move, and then provide prescriptive exercises and treatment, and specialist advice to get you free from pain, and to prevent injuries in the future.

Often this service is best utilised by runners, sports participants, and regular exercisers who have found they keep picking up injuries, and are aware they are not moving as they should, or getting the most from their sport or exercise as they would like.

Book in for an initial osteopathy appointment, or initial soft tissue appointment and your practitioner will be able to assess, treat, and advise you based on your specific needs.

Our soft tissue massage practitioner is also a qualified osteopath. She offers:

  • Soft tissue prescriptive massage based on individual needs
  • Pregnancy and Postnatal massage
  • Soft tissue massage for sports injuries and rehab.

Head to the Massage section when booking.

Right through from the initial assessment, diagnosis, treatment to providing aftercare advice, Jo has been outstanding. Long standing injuries have been resolved within a few weeks of treatments. I wish I had been referred to Jo years earlier, she really is a credit to her profession.



Women’s Health Osteopathy

Women’s Health Osteopathy is a very specialist branch of osteopathy. Jo Day has completed 2.5 years of post graduate study in this area at the Molinari Institute of Health, and as a Women’s Health Osteopath she is qualified and highly experienced in all areas of Women’s Health, and can work both internally (vaginally) and externally for a complete and holistic approach to many women’s health conditions.

Areas addressed:

  • Endometriosis (pre and post diagnosis, and pre and post surgery)
  • Pelvic Pain (including pain with sex, internally and externally, pain with opening bowels, or a full bladder)
  • Fertility/infertility
  • Prolapse, getting to the crux of why you may have prolapse, the mechanisms of cause, and addressing these to get rid of symptoms
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction/ imbalance, including spasm, hypertonic overactive pelvic floor, vaginismus and vulvodynia
  • Leaking
  • Stress incontinence
  • Pregnancy (PGP *Pelvic Girdle Pain*, birth prep, optimal foetal positioning)
  • Postnatal appointments (Postpartum check, pelvic floor, stitches, scars assessment and treatment)
  • Episiotomy scars, birth trauma, tears, stitches, perineal damage.
  • Peri to Post menopause.
  • Return to exercise/rehab. Including abdominal and Pelvic Floor. Diastasis recti rehab and treatment
  • And MORE.

Jo really helps women by putting all the pieces together. Often there are a number of issues that women are going through, so she ensures that your first Women’s Health Appointment with her is an hour long, and involves a thorough and detailed history. By really understanding your story, and the complexities of what you have been through, she is able to decipher what is going on, and treat accordingly. Then come up with a plan moving forwards. This may well include other referrals as and when necessary, for example blood tests, gynae/consultant referrals dependent.

We have lots of blogs and social media posts which help with further information in this area, so do follow us at:



One to One Pilates/Small Group classes/pre- and post-natal pilates

Pilates is a system of training which focusses on the body functioning as a whole. Pilates works primarily to improve strength, balance and flexibility; and as such is perfect for injury rehabilitation, injury prevention especially back pain, and also for toning and aesthetic purposes.

Pilates works on strengthening core muscles which act around our middle to strengthen the spine and pull the waist in, as well as using many total body exercises to combine a variety of muscle groups for a whole body workout.

One to one pilates is great for:

  • Those with specific medical needs
  • Underlying medical issues
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Pregnant women
  • Post-natal women to target specific areas and help rehabilitate the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles -working on improving function and muscle tone, and reducing diastasis recti (see below).
Post natal pilates
We also run a specific post natal rehabilitation programme which will be prescriptive to your specific needs, (based on a thorough biomechanical assessment) that will:
    • Restore strength and core function,
    • Reduce diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscles)
    • Reduce the post pregnancy belly
    • Work alongside osteopathy to reduce PGP/SPD* and back pain.

*Pelvic girdle pain/Symphysis pubis pain.

Small group pilates

If there is a group of you who are interested in doing pilates together (2-5 people of roughly similar level), then we can book you in as a group so you can exercise together for motivation and fun, and share the cost.

We also do small group pilates classes, with up to 5 of you in a class, throughout the week for a particular level of participant. For example we run classes for:

  • Complete beginners
  • Pregnancy and post natal pilates
  • Advanced pilates

So if you are interested in joining any of the classes please email us admin@hertsosteopathy.co.uk and let us know days and times which are good for you, and then classes can be organised around this, or you can fit into an existing class if there is space.

My son was born this year and being over ten pounds, left my stomach in need of urgent attention!!! Having been to Jo’s pilates classes for many years, with amazing results, I knew she would be able to help. I asked her to give me half an hour a week of intensive stomach work over a period of 8 weeks and although I was exhausted and would have much preferred half an hour of sleep, Jo’s enthusiasm and motivation kept me going. By the end of the 8 weeks, Jo had managed to transform the way I looked and I was back in a bikini which I never thought possible in only 2 months.


Specialist PGP (Pelvic girdle pain), pregnancy and postnatal osteopathy and rehab

We have highly experienced osteopaths who work with you throughout your pregnancy to get you in the best place for birth, to help get to the crux of Pelvic Girdle Pain, and why you may be experiencing this specifically, and using osteopathic treatment and rehab to get rid of the pain and keep it away, this will also help significantly improve chances of a natural birth and reduced need for intervention.

We work with women postnatally, providing care as early as a few days postnatally in some cases, working on any pain you may be experiencing, healing from birth, assessing diastasis recti, abdominal and pelvic floor function and speeding up recovery. This works so well for women who have had previous pelvic issues, or for those who had a long or traumatic birth, C-Section, episiotomy, or any woman who would like to have a thorough check and treatment to help re-balance after birth, whether in pain or not, it can help with your recovery.

We have a number of specialist appointments.

Jo Day is also recognised by The Pelvic Partnership as a specialist Practitioner working to help women with PGP. 

“From 28 weeks into my second pregnancy, I suddenly started to suffer from debilitating pelvic girdle pain (PGP). I was signed off work by my doctor and was put on bed rest and told to take paracetamol. I was advised by my doctor and midwife that the pain and mobility would resolve once my baby was born, but this could take up to 6 months (something I now have learnt to be untrue).

I found Jo’s details on the Pelvic Partnership website. From the moment I received an email from Jo (on a Sunday afternoon having only just emailed her that morning) telling me she was going to help me, I immediately felt a huge sense of relief and burst into tears. Jo acted very quickly after I contacted her. She re organised her diary and saw me within a couple of days.

Before seeing Jo, I was bedridden and emotionally drained. I was unable to walk, sleep, climb the stairs and look after my child. Jo has got me back on my feet. She has taken away the pain and brought back mobility into my pelvis and hip. I’m so happy to say that I’m now sleeping, walking, laughing, and most importantly enjoying my pregnancy again.

I love going to see Jo. She is so positive and truly cares about her clients. She is a mum herself and understands the effect that PGP can have on your life, having had suffered from it herself. My husband and I cannot thank Jo enough for what she has done for our family. She has been such a support and a lifeline for us. Nothing has been too much trouble for her.

I will definitely be seeing Jo after my baby is born for post baby treatment. I cannot recommend Jo enough. She is an angel.

All I can say is the doctors and midwives are wrong about PGP. It is very treatable and what we really need is more Jo’s in this world to sort us ladies out!”

Pregnant mum, second pregnancy, with PGP

“I began to develop PGP around the second trimester of my pregnancy. With 20 weeks to go it was becoming increasingly uncomfortable to stay active and mobile, with every twist or turn resulting in shooting pain. Jo has been a miracle worker and has managed to get me back on my feet after only a few sessions. She was able to spot the problem instantly, and reassured me that we could alleviate the pain. Ever since, I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy my pregnancy and I’d recommend her to anyone experiencing even a twinge as you really don’t have to suffer through it.”

Mrs H from our Facebook page



We are excited to offer an online pilates membership subscription.


Members have access to a private members area of the website with a collection of over 90 classes all available on demand.

You will have access to 4 different areas:


This focuses on building the foundations: from understanding how to breathe, to using your abdominal muscles correctly, stabilising your pelvis, understanding how to activate the correct muscles in a variety of positions and then building up to classes. Instructional videos include learning how to do a press up and how to do a squat!

Pilates for All:

Classes of a variety of lengths, from ten minute blasts to longer 30 and 40 minute classes. Options for all levels, from beginners to advanced, strength to dynamic strength, and everything in between.

Specialist postnatal programme:

Restoration and healing after birth and understanding how to get back to exercise correctly, effectively and safely.

Stretch and mobilise classes and extra resources:

Spinal mobilisation, stretching, foam rolling and much more.




Initial appointments for all

1st Osteopathy appointment* (45 mins) £95

This is a standard 1st osteopathy appointment which can be booked by all new patients who do not fit into the below categories (pregnancy, postnatal, women's health, children)


1st Pregnancy Osteopathy appointment: 50 minutes - short [Initial appointment] £100

General pregnancy issues, aches, MSK pain, old injuires, headaches...

1st Pregnancy PGP care extended Osteopathy appointment: 60 minutes [Initial appointment]  £130 *Please book this appointment if you have any pelvic issues through pregnancy.

1st appointment MUMMA CHECK postnatal assessment and treatment: 60 minutes [Initial appointment for all those who have given birth in the last 9 months].

This appointment is also perfect for anyone who is postnatal - You can come anytime postnatally and do not have to wait for your 6 week GP check. £130

Extended postnatal follow up: You can also book in a postnatal assessment and treatment appointment as an extended follow up appointment too. So if you would like a longer appointment for your first postnatal appointment back with us (for previous and existing patients), then please book in this longer postnatal appointment 50 minutes (£105). Otherwise just a regular standard follow up appointment is fine if you have been to us before recently, and through your pregnancy, and you would prefer this.


Follow up appointments for all

If you have been to us before then please book a standard follow up osteopathy appointment, as long as you have seen us recently.  If you would prefer a longer follow up appointment, then please book in the 45 minute extended follow up appointment.

30 minutes, £60

45 minutes, £95

30 minutes follow up with Jo Day, £64

Women's health combi follow up appointment £105 and 50 minutes and this can include internal (pelvic floor) and external osteopathy with Jo Day.

1 hour follow up appointment with Jo Day: Postnatal or Women's Health Appointment £130. This is for patients who have seen other practitioners first, who haven't visited recently or who want a longer appointment with Jo. This is also for patients' first postnatal appointment with Jo if you have been to Herts Osteopathy before and during pregnancy.

Osteopathy/Massage Combo - With Julie a 50 minutes £90 appointment combining osteopathy and massage and rehab.


Initial appointments with Jo Day.

Jo specialises in treating women with complex women's health issues and pain,  through pregnancy, postnatal, and beyond. Jo offers three types of initial consultation:

1st Postnatal assessment and treatment £160 75 minutes MUMMA CHECK appointment

1st Pregnancy PGP care extended osteopathy and treatment: 75 minutes £160

Initial Women's Health Osteopathy Appointment. 75 minutes appointment £160. This allows a deep dive into your history and then a lovely amount of time to start the treatment process. So you will receive hands on treatment. 

Please ensure that you book up at least 2-3 extra appointments after your initial appointment so that you get continuity of your treatment. You should be able to commit to at least 3-4 treatments to really ensure all of your issues can be addressed.


Cranial Osteopathy with MARIA and STEVE and JULIE

Babies, and toddlers from 0-5 years old.

Initial appointment £90, and lasts 45 minutes

Follow up cranial appointments babies and children 0-5 £58 and lasts 25-30 minutes

Cranial osteopathy for children can be booked as a children's osteopathy appointment (6-15 years old) £95, follow ups 30 minutes and £60

Children 10 and over please book an older children and teens initial appointment. This can be booked with Steve, Maria, Jasmine, Julie or Hayley.

Cranial osteopathy for adults, booked with Maria or Steve, same prices as regular osteopathy. Both Maria and Steve will use cranial, visceral, or structural osteopathy depending on the needs of the individual.

*Please note, if you are aged 16-17 years old, please book in for the standard initial osteopathy appointment, but a parent/carer will be needed to accompany you.

Mum and Baby Clinic with MARIA or STEVE

Unique opportunity for Mum and Baby to be seen together in the same appointment for a postnatal assessment and treatment for Mum and a cranial osteopathy appointment for baby. £135 (1 hour 15 minutes) - this appointment can be booked for patients brand new to our clinic, or for those who have been before.

If you would rather have a Mum and Baby follow up appointment, after you have both been before, then this is 50 minutes and £115.

Call 01727 400425 to book or click here to book online.


Initial appointments for all

1st Soft tissue massage appointment* (55 mins) £85

This is a standard 1st massage appointment booking with Julie our soft tissue therapist which can be booked by all new patients and clients who would like a massage appointment. After this you can then book in for any follow up appointment as below:


Pregnancy remedial massage appointment: 50 minutes £75

General pregnancy issues, aches, MSK pain, or for an all over prescriptive pregnancy massage.

Postnatal remedial massage: 50 minutes For restorative, relaxation, or for specific aches and pains, lymphatic drainage, prescriptive to your individual needs (£75)

Whatever your individual needs, Julie can help you with these, or a general soft tissue massage to help with training, alongside training or for rehab or recovery purposes.


Follow up appointments for all

If you have been to us before then please book a standard follow up soft tissue massage appointment

All follow up massage appointments are 45 minutes and, £70.

You can have a:

Soft tissue massage follow up appointment. Or a....

Sports injuries, massage and rehab follow up appointment 45 mins. All 75.


Call 01727 400425 to book or click here to book online.



One-to-one pilates and/or injury rehabilitation prescriptive to your individual needs With an Osteopath (25-30mins) £57

One to one (or two to one) private pilates with Joanna Michaelides £60 for one hour, prescriptive to individual needs.

These pilates sessions can include postnatal pilates, pregnancy pilates, beginners, seniors and clinical pilates.

Group pilates classes currently not running due to covid. You can book our online pilates membership instead, which is an ON DEMAND membership with access to over 90 pilates classes (and growing weekly). When we return to classes, the cost will depend on size of group but will usually be £15-£16 per person.

These are not currently running. But please head to PILATES ON DEMAND to have a look at the pilates membership we are currently running.

Call 01727 400425 to book or click here to book online.

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