I’ve had a csection so why do I get pelvic floor issues?

by | Apr 14, 2023 | Women's Health Osteopathy

Why do I leak? Why do I have painful s*x or why am I getting feelings of a prolapse?

I had a csection…. So Why do I have painful s*x or leak when I sneeze??

Watch this video by Jo Day our specialist Women’s Health Osteopath. She will let you know how scar tissue can impede recovery, and how the abdominal birth can still cause issues with leaking. This is something just not talked about so much.

But Jo has the capacity to be able to help you. She can work both externally on the abdomen, ribs, diaphragm, pelvis, scar and spine, using scar therapy and myofascial release and hands on Osteopathy, as well as internally on the pelvic floor muscles and perineum as well as accessing areas of the pelvis internally… the bladder, cervix and ligaments of the pelvis which may be impacted through the csection birth. She can help get your body back in balance to relieve any pain or pelvic floor issues as well as helping prevent any further problems.

Any questions, please ask away.

Contact Jo through her Instagram page @joday.womenshealth

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